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Another delightful vegetarian recipe

This time one of my all-time-favourites. Something I could eat and never stop. I may advise you to limit your serving beforehand and not cook too much of it. Becuase you’re going to eat it all.

Käsespätzle (cheese spaetzle)

Spätzle are a specialty from Germany and Austria and basically the same as pasta. But. But. You have no idea.

This is how you do it (4 persons. Or you alone if you want to be doomed)

For the Spätzle:

400 g flour (pure flour, no soda added or enriched shit, americans out there!)

7 eggs

2 spoonful of water

a bit of salt

Combine everything in a bowl and beat well until the dough starts bubble a bit (it’s a very chewy dough). Boil a big pot of hot water, add some salt. When the water is boiling, put a bit of the dough onto a wet wooden plate/board, take a knife and cut small pieces of it into the boiling water. Go on until the whole dough is cut into the pot. You’ll have to wet the wood frequently. The Spätzle are done when they start to float at the surface of the water. Take them out and put them into a bowl.

For the käsespätzle:

Emmentaler cheese. the more, the merrier. 200 - 300 g (important!! You need emmentaler cheese. No cheddar allowed. Nothing else but emmentaler. trust me, this is important)

1 onion

a little butter

salt + pepper

Take a good pan, add the butter, cut up the onions and melt them in the pan. Don’t turn up the heat to much, better wait a bit longer. They’re done when they start to get slightly brown. Grate the cheese, then put it into the pan, add the Spätzle (if you made much, fry them bit by bit, not all in one). Stir. The melting cheese will cover everything. Add salt and pepper. wait a bit, stir from time to time. The cheese should be soft and molten, although I like it when it gets a bit crispy.

You’re done. Serve. Crave for more. After you stopped feeling sick because it’s so fatty.

This is a winter dish, very very fatty, very very tasty. Give it a try. You’ll love it more than it’s good for you!


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