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Anonymous asked: Why do you think that your relationship with Ravenic has lasted so long? :D What's different of it from past relationships?

Actually our relationship crossed the line to being my second longest relationship (of the three I had) only this month, so it’s not lasting longer yet than the others. My longest has been 6 years.

What makes it different and what gives me a good feeling for the coming years, is that everything comes more natural. It doesn’t take that many compromises. We usually want the same and view things the same way. I feel very much at ease with her. That’s a really good feeling.

Anonymous asked: Koji! You have so many amazing cosplay photos! (I know I've said it a million times already.) I wanted to ask: Have you read the Japanese web comic "Kyuuketsuki-kun to Hitokui-chan"? I bet you and Ravenic would do such an amazing cosplay of the characters!

Thank you! No, I haven’t, but I just had a look at it, although I find the suggestion a bit confusing. Looks like shojo to me, and I don’t even like a single shojo series. Why should I like this one? Sorry, but it doesn’t really appeal to me.